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Department of Political Science

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The Proposal of creating the Department of Political Science was floated by Dr Adnan Sarwar Khan Khattak and was established in 2016.Political Science deals with various aspects of life.It attempts to explain the present based on past experiences and plan for the future. As a field of study it reaches to many levels from the evolution of Political Philosophy and the character of contemporary political concepts to the problems of development in emerging nations, from the crisis of governance in Pakistan to the interaction of State, Society and System in the international arena. Political Scientists use both humanistic and scientific approaches, they study how political communities attempt to reconcile the claims of justice, power, liberty, and authority. The political science is an interdisciplinary subject. Students will find courses on the ideas of great thinkers both Muslim and Western, the problems of war and peace, democracy and authoritarian political system, international politics and economy, human rights, women and politics, Pakistan politics, and foreign policy and other regions. Initially the department offered two years Masters programme in Political Science. Recently it has started offering BS four years programme.


To produce teachers / researchers and students who are extremely devoted to the state of Pakistan and its ideology Islam. At the same time the teachers and students of the department serve the national and international community at large.


To be a model department not only at the Women University Mardan but also in the entire country in the discipline of Political Science.

The department aims at achieving continuous progress in imparting education / training to students to create political consciousness in them and train them to shoulder future responsibilities in a manner that satisfies the expectations of the nation. To achieve the objective, the department will update / revise its syllabi so as to cope with the education needs of a fast moving Pakistan.


  • To impart quality education to students at B.S and  M.A levels
  • To be an important department of the faculty of social sciences, Women University Mardan.
  • To revise syllabi and incorporate courses that reflect the modern day trends in political studies.
  • To be a part of national & International education progress.
  • To place more emphasis on the holding of conferences and seminars
  • To turn the department into a Think Tank where issues of national, regional and International importance are debated and important suggestions can be  supplied to the policy making institutions of the state;
  • To introduce new fields of specialization and thus expand the range of choices for students