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Department of Psychology

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The department of Psychology was established in October 2016. Keeping in view the significance of the discipline of Psychology the department was started with the goal to produce well-informed, thoughtful, responsible and productive individuals who can contribute in the society in a positive manner. Further the department aspires to prepare such highly qualified professionals who will flourish in all the applied areas of Psychology such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, health psychology, educational psychology, organizational psychology, and forensic psychology. The department also focuses on conducting high quality researches in order to achieve the standards of international institutions.


Vision of the Department of Psychology is to serve the society by enlightening the students and producing mental health practitioners and psychologists that may provide services to the community in a dedicated manner for the betterment and positive development of mentally healthy individuals as well as for the treatment and rehabilitation of mentally ill individuals. Department further visualize to strengthen the science of Psychology by conducting scholarly researches and providing opportunities for the psychologists to practice their skills at local, national and international level.


The mission of the department is to prepare the students for careers in different areas of Psychology for that purpose it acquaints them with such courses that enhance their knowledge of different psychological fields. Also to carry out high quality researches on topics related to different psychological and societal problems in order to plan some interventions for them. Further to provide the students such skills that help them in personal adjustment as well as enhance their problem solving abilities in their day to day life