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Department of Business and Economics

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The Department of Business and Economics Women University Mardan was established in October 2016, with the aim to equipped female professionals with business and economic education in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular and in Pakistan in general. At present the department consists of total four faculty members. Since the day of its establishment, the department with the help of its dynamic faculty members, specialized in core areas of business and economics, has significantly contributed to the society by promoting the knowledge of the subject and enlightening the minds of the students. The department possesses fully equipped class rooms, computer lab and library.

Economics determines much of today’s social and political landscape. As we know, it is the science of decision making. As individuals, communities, companies and governments, we face choices every day, weighing up costs and benefits of our decisions. With the ongoing drive of globalization, business and economics remains a key element. As a result, the demand for fresh business and economics graduates is on the rise. This is because these students will be well equipped with various tools and techniques to solve complex problems on any scale. Currently it offers different programs including BBA, BS-Economics and MSC- Economics. In near future will offer BBS, MBA, M.Phil economics and PhD in economics. The degrees in Business and Economics are professional degrees that will prepare students for careers in the private sector as economic analysts in business, consultancy firms, financial institutions, and applied research firms. They may also find jobs in international organizations, government, and non–profit organizations (non-government organizations, universities and other teaching jobs). Here at Women University Mardan, we are committed to enhance the educational standards of the country and equipping our students with the knowledge and practical skills to meet the challenges of the new era.  The programs at the Department of Business and Economics are geared towards meeting the needs of rapidly changing market requirements. If you want to become competitive; come study with us.



The Vision of the department of Business and Economics is to boost the skills of students and enable them to understand the world economic system, its organizations and procedures, to apply the knowledge to the Socio Economic requirements of Pakistan. 


The experience we offer and the difference we make through; Energetic learning that promotes innovation and creativity focusing business and economics, motivated by research that we lead. The mission of business and economics department is to educate female students to possess high professional competence combined with humanistic and moral values with a grip over analytical skills and the ability to contribute to development of policies and undertake independent research.