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Health Camp by Health Society

Health Society Women University Mardan organized “Health Camp” on 10th March 2020, in which a free medical health checkup and diagnostic tests were conducted for faculty, students and staff by Paragon Diagnostic and Research Laboratories (PDRL) Peshawar in collaboration with Health Society Women University Mardan. The chief guest on the occasion was “Prof. Dr. GhausiaLuft-ul-Allah”, Retired Director, Center of Biotechnology and Microbiology (COBAM), University of Peshawar, Peshawar, KP. Mr. Sajjad Ahmad, C.E.O. of PDRL along his team members and Doctors including Dr. Ali Haider Neurosurgeon LRH, Dr. Aimal Khan Dentist and Dr. Manzor Elahi Medical Specialist arrived at 9:00 am to University. The event was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Women University Mardan, and guests were welcomed. Discussion panel including Dr. Tahir Usman and Dr. Irfan Khattak, Animal Husbandry Department Abdul Wali Khan University also arrived which provided information about infectious diseases and their control. Detail awareness session with students regarding the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) was taken and research students were guided. Free Medical Examination and Diagnostic Tests and Hands on Training and Practical Demonstration on Diagnostic and Research Laboratory Instruments and Equipment were provided by the camp. Approximately 500 students, staff and faculty members from Women University Mardan came for checkup. Doctors advised them various medicines and consultation during the Camp. Mr. Sajjad Ahmad further demonstrated about Diagnostic Laboratory Safety, Lab Operation, Management and Reporting.

Mr. Sajjad Ahmad, Senior advisor to CM Provincial Youth Assembly (PYA) for Health and Science, President all Private Labs & X-ray Association, KPK, further committed to extend full support to Students and Researchers of Women University Mardan in Research work, internships and free visits to Labs. Science students will greatly benefit through the opportunities available as per Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed. In closing session Dr. Tahir Usman, Biosafety expert of Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) delivered a wonderful talk regarding Biosafety, Biosecurity and personal hygiene measures. At the end Honorable Vice Chancellor, Women University Mardan “Prof. Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen” appreciated the efforts and cooperation of Health Society Women University Mardan and Paragon Diagnostic and Research Laboratories (PDRL) Peshawar for organizing such valuable event to bring health awareness among students, faculty members and staff.