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Women University Mardan Scholarships

Scholarship Committee Women University Mardan (SCWUM)

Women University Mardan has embarked on an aspiring mission of providing financial aid to the needy and talented students. According to a report launched by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform Pakistan (2015-2016), nearly 39% of Pakistanis live in multidimensional poverty, with the highest rates of poverty in FATA and Balochistan. Due to the high rate of poverty, most of the brilliant students are unable to pursue higher education and compete with the global trends. In this connection, financial assistance through various scholarship schemes would be a great effort to cope with the challenges of the monetary constraints.

The mission of the Scholarship Committee Women University Mardan (SCWUM) is to provide University Students with the timely information of various scholarships launched by the University (need and merit based) as well as those by the external funding agencies. Moreover, the SCWUM provides all possible assistance in understanding procedures to access and apply for various funding opportunities.

At present Women University Mardan is offering following scholarships for the students:

The Momina Cheema Foundation Sardar Iftikhar Scholarship Scheme (MCF Sardar Iftikhar) was incorporated to illuminate and celebrate the life and achievements of Momina Cheema by enriching the lives of future scholars and change makers in furthering their knowledge of Islamic law, culture and philosophy.

Momina Cheema Foundation supports the deserving and meritorious students.

In the year 2018, first time Women University Mardan participated in MCF Sardar Iftikhar scholarship scheme and five students (nominated by university) were awarded the scholarship.

The foundation awards an amount, 20000/- Rs. per year per student until throughout the tenure of her degree program at the university.

Women University Mardan offers a rebate on tuition fee component for the siblings of current studentsThe aim of this scheme is to encourage the community towards education in spite of the financial constraints.

It is for the information of all concerned students of M.Sc. and BS, whom real sibling (sister) is enrolled in any degree program at Women University Mardan can apply for sister-sister scholarship. The said scholarship will be awarded to real siblings (sisters) by Women University Mardan.

Note : Deadline for the application : 20th October, 2017

Scholarship Proforma : [ Download ]

These scholarships are offered to talented and meritorious students who otherwise find it hard to pay their tuition fee and other expenses pertaining to undergraduate or graduate level studies. These scholarships are being offered purely upon merit criteria and need assessment survey.

Mora scholarships are being provided by Zakat Funds by Ministry of Religious Affairs through recommendation of District Zakat and Usher Office, Mardan. These scholarships are providing a support to needy and poor students.

Scholarship offered by Diya Foundation Pakistan covers tuition fee and other miscellaneous expenses of students. Students have been offered to apply for this scholarship scheme which will greatly enhance their chances and hope to pursue education smoothly and satisfactorily.

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) provides the financial assistance only to the deserving students of Govt. Educational Institution and some specific amount is also given for the boarding. The scholarships are open throughout the year and are granted on first come first get basis.

  1. This assistance is only for the deserving students of Govt. Educational Institution and some specific amount is also given for the boarding.
  2. Apply on a plain paper along with copy of computerized CNIC to the MD, PBM. Parents can also apply for their children.
  3. Endorse your name, address for correspondence and signatures clearly along with phone no. (if any)
  4. Students should complete the “Bonafied Certificate” after getting it signed for the institute concerned along with the application. (This “Bonified Certificate can be obtained from University Photostat Shops)
  5. No over writing/amendments on the Bonified Certificate shall be acceptable.
  6. Please fill up an affidavit provided by the Pakistan Bait ul Mal Staff and submit along with the application.
  7. Do not forget to get the application registration No.  PBM officer who have received your application.

Scholarship Proforma : [ Download ]