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Department of Institute of Education & Research (IER)

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The Institute of Education and Research is a newly established institute. It founded in September 2019. Keeping in view the significance of the education, the institute was built to produce well equipped faculty, educational leadership and intellectuals in policy making who will contribute to the society uplift. The institute also focuses on conduction of high-quality research to achieve the standards of international institutions.We promote Academic excellence through quality education by equipping prospective teachers to become faithful citizens, honest leaders and good human beings.


Institute of Education and Research envision a world in which education positively contributes to each person's ability to reach their potential in acting for society's good. Its vision is to provide quality education for fostering academic and professional skills, intellectual ability and conceptual development. Meeting the changing demands of society with modern advancement in education, innovative thoughts, personality development, and addressing problem solving form the focal points of our vision.


The mission of the Institute is to provide well equipped and well-trained teachers, educationists, leadership, and policy maker in the field of education.The institute offers outstanding academic education while monitoring them to become the decent Muslims who live by the holy words of the Holy Qur'an. It is our belief that it is only by returning to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (SAW) that we will be able to restore the Ummah (nation) to its previous glory and civilization.Institute has been initiated with the purpose to:

  • Train the personnel academically and professionally through the well-designed courses and practices.
  • Ensure the provi