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Department of Botany

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The discipline of Botany deals with the course content of plant sciences and the utility of plants in relation to mankind. The course content of Botany is so vast that the number of branches has been increasing day by day. Branches in Botany like morphology, anatomy, histology and cytology give us an idea about what plants are, and to what extent they are diverse. Basic Introductory Botany course will enable you to understand the interesting mechanisms of plants which include their growth and development, chemical properties, genetics, ecology, evolution etc. and most of them will instill an understanding on the importance of plants. Furthermore, Botany covers a lot of scientific discipline, such as biochemistry, pathology, microbiology and the entire living world, especially human being, is directly or indirectly dependent on plants. New sciences such as Genetic Engineering which caters the issue of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), Economic Botany which deals on how to utilize the plant kingdom and even Forensic Botany that uses plant to find clues for crimes. Botany, along with its allied branches, provides employment opportunities in the field of medicine and pharmacy. There is also enormous employment scope in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, etc.


Our vision is to conduct innovative research, improve the quality of education and status of learning, teaching and explore the patterns and processes of life nationally and internationally with a focus on plants and their environments.


Our mission is to provide a student-centered and professions-oriented higher education that bestows academic environment to demonstrate and promote creative, intellectual inquiry with positive relationships among students, faculty and staff that enhance the learning experience a fruitful and outstanding one for future application in a dynamic world.


Teaching, Research, Consultancy, Extension and Community welfare.