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To seek knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim. This is emphasized in the Holy Quran and Hadith. In the contemporary world, the study of Islam has become a significant area of academic Endeavour. The fast growth of this discipline is due to the emerging global importance of Islam as a political and cultural force and as one of the major religions of the world.
The Department of Islamic Studies is one of the major departments established with the new and fast growing Women University. It launched BS and Master’s Program in October 2016 and keeping in view the interests/demands of students, is planning to start M.Phil/PhD programs soon. These academic programs offer the students the opportunity to gain comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of Islam in both historical and modern contexts.


Department of Islamic Studies is determined to manage for the overall nourishment and educational enhancement of the students according to the pre-determined Islamic Goals. In an educational process, the most important role is that of the environment for which intensive efforts needs to be always carried out to keep the same intact. Being this Department an offshoot of the prestigious Woman University, Mardan,no stone is left un-turned to gain perfection as desired by the Act of this University.

Though the Department of Islamic Studies has its own objectives to achieve the same yet the lesson of integrating and taking all together would never be forgotten. In the light of the Universal Teachings of Islam, harmony would be maintained in the university by avoiding all types of contradicting or conflicting religious issues. Teaching-Learning process demands a peaceful and harmonious environment, for maintaining of which efforts always would be intensified.  

The Islamic Instructions are, no doubt a source of consolation for all and sundry. If people behind this mission are having sound minds and well behaved attitude/will, the Department of Islamic Studies will, no doubt prove to be just like a light house among the cluster of the so many other departments of the University. It is believed that Islamic Teachings are eternal and all of us must benefit from its eternity to make our lives luminous.


Department of Islamic Studies is established to promote the study of Islamic Education Culture and Civilization and to unite Muslims throughout the country on platform of Shariah the aim is to provide the theological scholars to the society so that they can solve the contemporary issues and introduce Islam as a religion of peace, tolerance and mutual harmony.


  • Prepare the students to be practical Muslims as per the teaching of Holy Quran, Hadith and Seerah of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
  • To provide students a broader understanding of the role of religion in human life.
  • To create harmony in society and eliminate disorder through education.
  • To offer an education of the highest quality embedded in the values of the Islamic faith.
  •  To enable students to become respectful, responsible, successful, leaders and contributors to society.


Following are the objectives of the department of Islamic Studies:

  1. To replenish the learners with advanced and high standard learning aptitude.
  2. To train the learners to carry out research activities according to the prescribed rules regulations and gain perfection.
  3. To inculcate in the scholars, the proficiency of interpretation of Al-Quran as well as Al-Sunnah enabling them to address the contemporary world issues.
  4. To train the scholars to benefit from the research opportunities to transform the universal eternal teachings of Islam, in consonance to the rational, logical, standardized modes of the modern templates.
  5. To enable the researchers to integrate Islamic revealed knowledge and the

Academic Programs:

Duration: 4 Years / 8 semesters


Dr. Rashida Parveen

Head of Department
Assistant Professor
Email :drrashidawumardan.edu.pk Qualification : Ph.D


Dr. Maria Gul

Email : mariagull317@gmail.com
Qualification : Ph.D


Dr. Maryam Noreen

Email: maryamnorin@wumardan.edu.pk Qualification : PhD



Email: afifarashid93@gmail.com
Qualification : Ph.D (In Progress)



Email: erumfatima74@gmail.com
Qualification : PhD



Email: farinadim80@gmail.com
Qualification : PhD


Contact No: 0937 871 416

Email: drrashida@wumardan.edu.pk