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5th InternationalConference on Inclusive & Sustainable Development Through Quality Education & Gender Equality.

13th -14th December, 2023



(December 13th – 14th 2023)

Venue: Serena Hotel Peshawar

                                                                         DAY 1

(December 13th 2023)- Session 1 (Opening)

 10:45 am-11:00am  Arrival of the Chief guest/Reception/seating  
       11:00-11:05 amRecitation of the Holy Quran
 11:05 am-11:15 amNational Anthems of Pakistan, UAE, Malaysia
 11:15 am-11:25 amIntroduction/Welcome Note by Honourable Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen
      11:25-11:35 amSpeech by the Minister of education
      11:35-11:45 amSpeech by HED secretary
      11:42-12:00 pmProfessor Dr Ilhun Ozturk (Keynote Talk; online)
    12:00-12:15 PmProf. Dr. Tajularipin Sulaiman (Keynote Talk; online)  
    12:15-12:20 pmNote of thanks by Dr. Farah Khan
 12:20 pm-12:30 pmAwarding Shields to the guest of Honor and Chief guest, Chief Organizer, Principal Organizers and Organizing Committee
 12:30 pm -1:15 pmLunch for guests and Tea (AP, Lecturers, Administration Staff, and Participants) break
 1:15 pm-1:30 pmProf. Dr Iftikhar Ahmad (Keynote Talk) Hall A
 1:15 pm-1:30 pmProf. Dr Husnul Amin (Keynote Talk) Hall B
 1: 30 pm-1:40 pmGroup Photo

Day- One: Session 2A (SDG 4 Quality Education + SDG 5 Gender Equality)

Session Chair:  Dr. Bushra Sajjid

                           Dr. Nelofar Ikram

Venue: Hall A

S . NoTimeName & Title
 1:40-1:49 Pm “Explaining the impact of Workplace Harassment on women turn over intentions and absenteeism: The mediating role of psychological distress in the education sector of Pakistan”.   Dr. Mehwish Ghaffoor
  1:49-1:58 pm“Transformative men and gender justice: Stories of Personnel”.   Dr. Waqar Ahmad
 1:58- 2:07 pm“Climate change a threat multiplier: The future of militants mobilization in Pakistan”   Dr. Irfan Mahsood
  2:07-2:16 pmThe power of acceptance and rejection: A comparative study of Parental acceptance–rejection and emotional intelligence among substance abusers and non-abusers of Pakistan. Dr. Nadia
  2:16-2:25 pmTitle: “Getting an insider perspective: Understanding Neo-Tribalism, Masculinity, and Women empowerment in the tribal districts of Pakistan”. Author: Dr. Asif Iqbal Dawar.
 2:25-2:34 pm“When early life gives them recession, central bankers show resistance to political cycles”.   Dr. Maqsood Aslam
 2.34-2.43 pm “An analyzing the role of discipline in school and its impact on the process of Learning at elementary level in district Mardan, KP”. Author: Irsa Fazal
  2.43-2.52 pmTitle: “Emancipation and Empowerment of Women in Early Islamic History: A Historical Perspective”. Author: Dr. Rashida Parveen
  2.52-3:00 pmTitle: “Searching causes of dropout students from schools at secondary level in Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”.   Authors: Sehrish Kareem & Dr Farah Khan
    10. 3:00- 3:10 pmBattered Bodies and Shattered Minds: Assessment of socio-cultural determinants of violence against women in KPK, Pakistan.   Dr. Asif Salim
    11.3:10-3:20 pm“An Analysis, Role of Education in Sustainable Environment of Pakistan”. Israr Khan
12.3:20 -3:30 pmTitle: “Women empowerment in local Self-government in Tehsil Miranshah North Waziristan tribal district”. Zeeshan Khan
13.3:30-3:40 pm“Democracy, free direct investment, and economic growth insight from middle-income countries”. Sifatullah
14.3:40-3:50 pmSocio-economic differential in self-assessment of health and happiness in Asian Countries: Empirical evidence from world value survey (seventh-wave 2017-2021). Akhtar Gul  
15.3:50-3:55 pm“Islamic perspective on gender equality: A harmonious approach”. Dr Sajjid Mahmood  
163:55 -4:00 pm“Deficiency of Ethical Education In Educational Institutions: Causes and solution” Muhammad Usman Ghani

Day- One: Session 2B (SDG 5 Gender Equality+ SDG 10 Reducing Inequalities)

Session Chair: Dr Hira Iqbal

                                  Dr. Samina Begum

                                                                   Venue: Hall B

S. NoTimingsName & Title
 1:40-1:49 PmTitle: “Promoting Quality Education and its Impact on Society Development”. Author: Shafiqat Rasool
  1:49-1:58 pmTitle: “Estimating inequality for the urban and rural area of Baluchistan Province-A Gini Coefficient and Lorenz curve approach”. Author: Fatma Zahid
 1:58- 2:07 pmTitle: “Exploitation of Zaitoon in Sidhwa’s The Bride”. Author: Farah Momi.
  2:07-2:16 pmUnveiling the divide: inequality trends Title: “Inequality and sustainable development in least developed countries (LDCs)”. Author: Amna Ashfaq
  2:16-2:25 pmTitle: “Beyond Boundaries: The quest for gender equality in Pakistan”. Author: Naeema
 2:25-2:34 pmTitle: “Quality education in Pakistan: A catalyst for societal development”. Aqsa
 2.34-2.43 pmTitle: “Indian strategic ambition in Indian ocean region (IOR)”. Author: Kinza Sajjad Abbassi
  2.43-2.52 pmTitle: “Islam Perspective on gender equality”. Author: Maimoona
  2.52-3:00 pmTitle: “Exploring the Nexus of Domestic Violence, gender inequality and Women’s Health: A Qualitative Study in District Bannu”. Dr. Haleema Akbar
  3:00- 3:10 pmTitle: “The impact of teachers training on the performance of students”. Author: Khushbakht  
 3:10-3:20 pm“Problem faced by minorities at workplace: A case study of Public and Private sector Universities of Peshawar”. Haleema Ikram  
 3:20 -3:30 pm Title: “Education Governance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”. Author:  Noreen Pervaz  
 3:30-3:40 pmFamily and Gender Roles”.   Noor Fatima
 3:40-3:50 pmInvestigating the factors influencing students’ choice, of teaching as a career Dr. Waliyat BiBi
 3:50-3:55 pmQuantitative analysis of the relationship between education, gender equality, and the development of Islamic banking in Pakistan Najmul Saqib
 3:55 -4:00 pmDebating the “text” versus the “Context”: Analyzing the policy Framework adopted in KP women empowerment policy 2017”. Kiran Saeed

                                                  DAY 2 (November 14th, 2023)

                                                              DAY-2 Session – 2A

(SDG 4 Quality Education + SDG 5 Gender Equality)

Session Chair: Dr. Hassina Bashir

                    Dr. Asma Saeed

                                                       Venue: Hall A

S.NoTimeName & Title
 10:00- 10:07 amSDG-4: “Quality education”, cornerstone of the SDGs: A case study of Pakistan”. Authors: Dr. Nelofer Ikram; Dr. Samina Begum  
 10:07-10:14 amRelationship between psychological distress and resilient among women with PCOS.   Dr. Bushra Sajjid
 10:14-10:21 amTitle: “Islamic perspective of gender equality”. Author: Maheen Ali, Dr. Hassina Bashir
 10:21-10:28 amQualitative education in the context of inherited attitudes. (analytical studies) Dr. Ansaruddin     (online)
 10:28-10:35 amTitle: “Investigation of feminism trends through Sentiment analysis using Machine learning and NLP Technique”.   Author Dr. Sana Sohail
 10:35-10:42amTitle: “Gender inequalities in political perspective of KPK”. Author: Ayesha Tariq
 10:42-10:50amThe Islamic concept of Guardianship in a family Dr. Ambreen Atiq(online)
 10:50-10:57pm“Education for all (SDG4) is a pathway to achieve sustainable development through Islamization”. Dr. Misbah Rehman(online)
 10.57-11.05 am“Unity in diversity: Embracing gender balance in Islamic Principles”. Javeria Noor Sawal
 11.05-11.12 amTitle: “Violation of women education in Pakistan: Case study of “Students of government girls college kuchlak vs government of Baluchistan”. Author: Muniba Afridi(online)  
 11.12-11.20 amDeterminants and outcomes of voluntary blood donations among adults in Khyber pakhtoonkhwa. Qandeel Saleem
 11.20-11-27 amExisting with border zone:Women, identity and limited spaces in Mirza Waheed’s The Colloborator”. Aneela Naz
 11.27-11-35 amDr Samina Begum, Dr Shabana Noureen and Dr Hashmat Begum  “Exploring Islamic perspectives on gender equality; challenges and progress” (online)
 11-35 -11:42 amThe Effect of Parental Involvement on the Academic Achievement of Students at the Secondary Level in District Peshawar Dr. Waliyat/ Maimoona Aslam

DAY-2:    Session 2A

 (SDG 5 Gender Equality+ SDG 10 Reducing Inequalities)

 Session Chair: Dr. Haleema Akbar

                          Dr. Rashida Parveen

Venue: Hall B

S.NoTimeName & Title
 10:00- 10:07 am“Competencies of Teachers Regarding the Use of ICT and their Effect on Student’s Learning At Higher Secondary Level In Peshawar”. Erum Hassan
 10:07-10:14 am“Comparative analysis of women’s depiction in Sylvia Plath’s poetry and Islam”.         Miss Asma Ali
 10:14-10:21 amWomen role in peace making through interfaith dialogue; a study with reference to SDG-5   Miss Zainab Moin Lecturer- FJWU, Islamabad
 10:21-10:28 am“Impact of government expenditure on economic growth of Pakistan”. Wajeeha Fazal
 10:28-10:35 am“Gender Ineqaulities and role of Education :Global Perspective”. Prof. Dr. Shabnam Gul Chairperson IR, (Lahore)
 10:35-10:42am“ A study on the economic feasibility of Khadi Fabric bussines in district Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”.   Nida Akhtar
 10:42-10:50amDr. Inayatu Rehman  In the perspective of biography , the cultural status of women in modern times
 10:50-10:57pm“A critical ecological discourse analysis of green discourses of Pakistan leading fashion brands”. Miss Shumaila Ashee (Lecturer)
 10.57-11.05 amRole of Tuition centres in the academic achievements of Students”. Haleema Nawaz
 11.05-11.12 am“Mental health in education sector: Efficacy of dialectical behavior therapy with students diagnosed with borderline personality disorder”. Miss Salma Rehman
 11.12-11.20 am “Cyber harassment experiences and mental health of female young adults : Role of Coping self-efficacy and cyber law awareness”. Sadia Fazal
 11.20-11-27 amNoor Fatima family and gender roles
 11.27-11-35 amFaryal Arif Impact of entrepreneurial leadership  on women empowerment under the influence of gender equality
 11-35 -11:42 amKnowledge based economy, total factor productivity and sustainable development in Pakistan. Muhammad adnan khan
 11:42-11:48amInvestigating the impact of policy efforts and macroeconomic conditions on selected SDGs; a global perspective Dr. Zahoor Khan

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